viernes, 5 de junio de 2009

My dearest Shane


¿How many times can we play butterfly? May be all the decisions we make are just the prologue to who we really are. May be we are defined in the middle of that process.
It is difficult to me to find the meaning of most things that happen. It is just as if I were floating like clouds... and sometimes the wind is so hard that changes me fast in life and time, as if life and time were just the same thing.
Most of the time I don t know where I belong. Contradictions appear. Isn t that the most common thing in the world? I don t think so. Most of people just accept destiny. I think I have to struggle some battles. I think you too.
In between, the problem it is not the lack of answers. The problem is the amount of questions. Rains of questions while we are under the tree. I can understand your feeling, but I think we have nothing to do but open our mouth to drink some drops.
But, and we should thank for that, we have the power of feeling. And that is just much more rewarding than the power of thinking, which in general gets us closer to the abysm. When we feel, we now something more than that we are alive. We know we have the ability of being with the others, of having a connection.
So, beyond all this stupid, meaningless and harmless stuff, what I wanted to tell you is that not only I think of you a lot, but also that every time you write to me those long and deep letters, I feel you closer to me. In these days nobody knows who lives next door; people just come and go trying to find in the virtual space a place to be happy… In these days I am really really happy of knowing that you are there, and that you are my friend. I have to confess, the first time I met you I thought, “well, this guy is crazy" The second class I thought "...and he is a genius, I ll try to do my best” And then, when we shared the chocolate cake, "Well, he is a crazy genius out of this world, he divides life in Cd memorys, he likes my ugly drawings, and chocolate as much as I do, I want to be his friend..." and I told you most of my life, which is something I don t usually do.
But, at that moment, what I didn t know was that you were going to be one of my best and lovely friends.
Teaching is an strange job. You have to be ready for saying “I don t know” and I think that defines a good teacher. It is not a very easy phrase to say in front of a class. Also you have to be ready for meeting a lot of people. And also you have to be ready to let them teach you a lot. Power is not in one or the other component of a class. Power appears in the freedom of the process of creation. And, as we know, wonderful and amazing things can happen.
So, back to your question, let the mystery arrive. Be aware that you can be touched by life. And when that happens again, write to me and share it. ¿Isn t that friendship, a long way of exchanges when we play butterfly once and again?



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Linda Jime:
qué lindo que puedas sentir eso, qué lindo que el proceso de enseñanza te permita disfrutar de esas sensaciones.
¡Brindo por vos y por todos los que nos animamos a aletear cual mariposas!
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